About the museum

Interactive exhibition "Music Museum"

The Music Museum has several locations: music hall, relaxation room, art hall, library, experiment, antiquary, orchestra + some exhibits are temporarily located in other locations. You can read more about the exhibits of each location in the Exhibits and Locations section.

Working hours

The Museum works by appointment for individual visits and organized or grouped groups of up to 12 people.
Museum address: Minsk, Cyril and Methodius st., 8. Entrance to the museum from the courtyard.

Take photos and videos

Take photos and post them with the hashtag #MuMuMi, or better yet, tag the @musicmuseumby.

Exhibits can be touched by hands

Watching, touching, playing - here you can not only learn about music and musical instruments, but also touch them (except for especially fragile ones, these instruments are marked with a prohibiting sign).

Interactive program

Each exhibit has a short description of the tool and a task for it. Play music, spot the differences, solve a crossword puzzle? Don't miss a single assignment.

Museum exposition

The Music Museum displays classical and modern musical instruments, paintings, books, miniatures and hosts temporary thematic exhibitions from private collections.

Each ticket includes

Examination of the exposition, visiting experimentarium, relaxarium, art hall, the possibility of photo / video filming. Each exhibit has plates with descriptions for self-study with QR codes.

Museum quest

For game lovers, we have prepared a quest for the Museum of Music - answer questions and complete tasks for the exhibits!

Event space

A special program for organized groups of children, for family celebrations, for corporate events.