Dear visitors, the museum presents exhibits – classical and modern musical instruments. Each of them has its own history, the description can be found on the plates that are located near each item. You can touch the exhibits, and even try to play on them, except for those marked with a prohibitory sign, they are quite fragile, have historical value and ask for special respect.

Musical instruments can be photographed and photographed with them. We will be pleased if you share your impressions on social networks using the hashtag #MusicMuseumMinsk, and tag @musicmuseumby.

Enjoy your time and new discoveries in the world of beauty!


Music hall

Welcome to the Music Museum. Here, in a cozy chamber hall with a grand piano, harp, harpsichord and organ, you will begin your acquaintance with musical instruments, their structure and history.


Relax from the hustle and bustle in a soft massage chair to the sounds of the ocean, rain or river. Here you will get acquainted with sound therapy instruments that create an atmosphere of relaxation and harmonization of space; in the hands of professionals, they are skilfully combined with classical instruments.

Art hall

Immerse yourself in a small world of music, wonders and mysteries. Do you need more words? Tiny people and animals, miniatures of instruments, handicrafts, caskets, paintings and minting. In addition to miniatures and works of art, in the art hall you will get acquainted with a large collection of percussion and wind musical instruments, with homemade instruments for experiments “physics of sound”.


Here you will find books about the life of musicians, about music, manuals, quizzes and puzzles, children’s coloring books and creative assignments, as well as several exhibits: pipes of a real organ, an electric organ and a theremin.


What is sound and how can you see it? How does music come from sounds? Here you can experiment with sound theory and music perception, such as making the glasses sing and the salt dance. For young visitors to the Music Museum, there are toy instruments, a colorful poster with music and a musical mat.


Now toys and tools of the USSR / GDR are valued as antiques, and earlier they were widespread on the territory of the USSR and the GDR. Here you will get acquainted with folk musical instruments, the “big” guitar and the “small” guitar, as well as with Indian instruments: in the museum’s collection there are two sitars and tabla drums.


Who is a conductor and why does he need a stick? What does a piano look like from the inside? Violin? Big violin? A giant violin? Here you will find answers to all these questions.

Street location

Did you know that there is a royal flower bed in Minsk? The art object is located in front of the entrance to the Museum.

Temporarily located in other locations

The Museum hosts temporary thematic exhibitions from private collections, as well as some exhibits on tour in other locations in Minsk.