Cyril and Methodius 8 (metro Nemiga). Museum of Music. I highly recommend it! One of those places you want to come back to. Just like adults and families. It doesn’t matter what your relationship with music is. You will be fascinated by what you see. Why I am so sure of this: – a very well thought-out concept of the museum. Here you can play on everything (!), Learn about the physics of sound, look at music, touch music, listen and talk about it. -cognitive quiz for everyone who came -qr codes with additional information -everything is very nice and cozy -an incredibly affordable price -convenient territorial location -friendly and competent staff PS Sincere gratitude to our guide to the world of music Dmitry Rachmaninov for an interesting excursion …
The @musicmuseumby music museum was recently opened in Minsk. We decided to resume family trips from it, because there is a convenient call recording system, if you wish, you can wear a mask and keep your distance. First, the guide tells a short lecture about which instruments are presented and how sound is born, a historical background. It will be more interesting for adults, but the child partially understands) then the tour goes through different halls and rooms – the world liked the relaxation room with rain music and other things and a children’s room with many toy instruments. After the excursion we hung for a long time) all the instruments can be touched and played, except for the wind instruments – during the period of the virus – and the rarest ones. I liked it very much, a cool museum, cozy and informative.
I would love to return there when the epidemiological situation improves – there used to be a cycle of music lessons for children, which is very interesting according to the description ☺️👍
And we are very lucky with the weather today!
The rain drove us to an amazing place – the Museum of Music! This is an amazing museum, which contains a huge number of musical instruments that you can not only look at, but also play on them !!!
The visit to the museum brought us great pleasure, it was very interesting and informative.
We would like to express our special gratitude to Alexey, who led an amazing excursion and personally played the flute for us !! Thank you very much, we really liked it!
Today my family and I visited the Museum of Music. There are so many impressions, a lot of instruments that you can touch and play. There are tools that even you didn’t know about. Museum bomb 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ADVICE
I especially liked the room with experiments and the electric organ, which you can play yourself. A homemade phone made of cups works, they made it themselves and checked it themselves. A sticky place for a couple of hours: you can play almost all musical instruments that are in the museum
A wonderful place in the very center of Minsk. It’s great that you can shake all the instruments, even if you don’t know how to play. Nice to touch the music, very cozy! Thank)
Great place to hike with your family! We were so interestingly told about the musical instruments that we could see in front of us. And if we come across classical instruments in everyday life, then not everyone has encountered the so-called “relaxing” ones. I was especially impressed by the “sound of the ocean”.
And you could also try to play different instruments – although it is loudly said (smiley) But at least try to extract the sound from the harpsichord, harp, double bass, panflute, pioneer horn, various percussion instruments.
I really liked the combination of musical instruments, art books, paintings. Also presented are strings, keyboards, percussion, wind instruments (wood and brass), which helps to get a complete understanding of the instrument families.
Most impressed by the Royal C. Bechstein, very velvety, deep sound! ❤
Visited @musicmuseumby Music Museum. One of the few museums where you can not only see and listen to something, but you can take everything in your hands and take cool photos for your Instagram.
A dream, a goal, a strong desire – to play the harp has finally come true.
Honestly, I went there only for the harp. I imagined that I would play it like Greek goddesses)
The first question I asked when calling there: – Can I play the harp?) – Yes 👏🏻
This was a key factor in the decision.
But besides her, we found incomparable tools there. I don’t even want to upload and see a photo, maybe I want you to go there yourself and feel all the instruments with your own hands) in the museum you can touch and play them)