Programs for children and adults

The Music Museum hosts interactive events and music evenings.

It is possible to carry out a program “on order” for organized groups or with a visit to you. Please check by phone +375(44)464-43-31 or e-mail info@musicmuseum.by.

Children's interactive fairy tales, lectures and master classes, relaxation evenings for adults and other events!

For children 4-9 years old

Развивающие занятия для детей "Классика для малышей"

Classics for Toddlers Course

Acquaintance with music and art, composers and musical works. Aesthetic, cultural and spiritual development of your children!

Звуковые сказки в Интерактивном Музее музыки в Минске

Sound tales for children

Children’s musical tales and interactive acquaintance with musical instruments.

For children over 10 years old and adults

How It Works

The program is conducted in an interactive format, with demonstration and live performance on real musical instruments. Participants can watch, listen, touch and try to play on their own (!).

The series includes classes: “Physics of Sound”, “Musical Experiment”, “Amazing Transformations of the Flute”, “Small, Large, Huge Violin”, “From Harpsichord to Piano”, “Divine Harp”, “His Majesty the Organ”

STEAM course “Entertaining music”

You will be able to comprehend the basics of music history in a fun and accessible way, as well as:

get acquainted with the basics of musical harmonies in the context of other sciences and see how closely music, physics, mathematics and philosophy are connected
to understand what is wonderful and amazing classical music – to understand the variety of genres and forms and begin to understand the classics

STEAM is a universal practice-oriented approach that allows students to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Quiz “Classic”

Quiz-quiz is a game in a popular modern format in which teams (from 2 to 10 people) compete for 7 rounds to answer questions about music and art.

KVIZ “Classics” will reveal the musical secrets of Minsk, acquaint you with unusual stories from the life of famous composers and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of elite intellectual games and test your intuition! This is a unique quiz with a large database of well-researched questions on the topic of classical and academic music and musical Minsk.

For adults

Music therapy through the classics

Relaxation and energy boost in an atmosphere of art! Programs are held with dim light, candlelight for full immersion in your emotions.

Noise improvisation for adults “Sound Energy”

Do you want to learn how to control the Tibetan singing bowls, bells, sounds of nature yourself? To sound your mood or emotions?
Collective play on intuitive instruments, incredibly pleasant and harmonious sounds will relieve tension and give the participants an unforgettable experience!